Welcome! A new site and a new me!!

So I have decided  to take a new approach on  a new blog. I will be reviewing. And selling. Yes. I am going to be selling goodies like: bath bombs,soaps, facial oils,scoby for kombucha,organic spice blends and so much more!!

I decided to have my blog more than a scrapbook but actual DIY’s by me. Pictures all mine. Recipes I have made tried and true. And fun cont♥ests and giveways too!!

Exercises and workouts will be posted. I will have some bodyrock.tv videos here and Zuzana Lights too. Hopefully in time I will have demo’s of me doing 12 minute workouts too. I have been wanting to do workout videos for years now. But my life has been so busy with travel and I was not so ready to do videos. But with my last blog I have learned to do decent review videos. So look for that soon.

I will also have informative article posts too that I think are important in life to live a optimum life too!


So come on this journey with me!

Love,beauty,health and food!

~XX Tiffany ♥



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