5 Steps to Being Sexy


1.    Believe you’re sexy, because you are!
It’s all about attitude!
Don’t hide your sexiness. Find within yourself your sexy, attractive, playful, seductive side. Make a decision and commit  from TODAY that you are going to be more sexy….. Act now, surprise someone!
2.    The past is the past!
Don’t let the past effect your now!  Heartbreak, pain, sadness from the past will swamp your sexiness.
The voices of the past will always try and convince you that history may repeat itself. So tell yourself this:
“F you past today and everyday after I’m going to be sexy, deal with it”
Nothing more sexy than a positive, strong man or women
3.    Find your Swagger 
Know who you are and own it, this will make you irresistible!
James Bond even though fictional exuded swagger, I bet you have a friend that is a hit on a night out?
Swagger is not arrogance it’s confidence! You’ll know when you’ve crossed the line.
4.    Practice being naked
No matter how you think you look, walk around naked – a lot. ( I’m talking at home NOT on the high street you may frighten young children.)
It’s amazing how sexy you begin to feel.
Look it’s really simple…
The more you become comfortable in your own skin, the less you care what someone else thinks.
And actually who cares what others think? If the person you’re with thinks you’re sexy go with it and enjoy!
A quote from my a friend:
“working out and seeing my reflection change everyday, makes me want to skip naked in the gym”
I obviously put a stop to that, but you get the point…
Attitude, confidence, belief makes you sexy!
5.    Fall in love with your life
It’s the simplest trick in the book! Love your life and everything else becomes positive!
If your inside is happy your external becomes a projection of that and you’ll become instantly sexy!
The combination of these 5 steps will be your secret weapon in becoming irresistible.
Not only will you be a walking billboard of sexiness you will have more confidence, belief and drive to succeed in your every day life! 
~Tiffany ♥

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