One Red Lipstick by

Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Rebel Red because it could be the key to your perfect pout too!

Red Lipstick

When in doubt, we say throw on a red lip. And this one does the job for all four lovely ladies. Take a look for yourself!

Top Left, Alyssa Lumpee

Alyssa has fair skin with pink undertones and (naturally) light hair and eyes. This makes the red lipstick almost appear to have an orangey finish against her skin tone, while still looking bright and bold.

Top Right, Stephanie Farugia

A cool red lip with blue undertones such as this one is a perfect match for Stephanie’s light-to-medium skin tone!

Bottom Left, Emily Tom

Emily’s olive skin tone makes the red appear to be deeper and richer than the rest, giving off an almost vamp-like appearance.

Bottom Right, Angelica De La Garza

Talk about candy apple red! Angelica’s darker skin tone makes the red really POP and instantly brightens her complexion!

For more tips on how to rock red lipstick, check out this guide covering EVERYTHING you need to know about the ultimate red lip!


Photo: Carlos Moscat

Makeup: Alana Dawn, Marygene Rose

Hello Beauties!!

I love a good red lip. And finding the right shade and formula can be daunting. I have found a few I have just loved and stocked up on. And than POOF!! The company decides to discontinue. Upsetting. But going to the makeup counters can be so much fun. And even going to the drugstore can be overwhelming too. Because you can’t test out lipstick. You can only go by the shade shown. Which is usually not the shade at all. But this is a winner. I went out and bought this shade. Also bought a red shade by Lancôme I really love. This is a great lippie. Let me know in the comments if you have this shade! What do you think?




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