6 Top Blush Mistakes

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#1. Going overboard

It doesn’t take much to go overboard in the blush department. You can go from perfectly flushed to a hot mess in just a couple swipes. Remember, you can always add more but it’s a bit trickier to tone down product. So err on the conservative side.

#2. Applying blush too high or too low

You never want to apply blush so high up past your temple that it reaches your hairline. You also don’t want to go too heavy-handed up top. Use a lighter touch as you get closer to your temple. On the other side of the coin, don’t apply blush too low either. You shouldn’t go past the apples of your cheeks.

#3. Not blending

The last thing you want is two perfect circles in the middle of your cheeks — that look is for dolls only. The key to natural-looking blush is blending. First, start by smiling and applying product to the apples of your cheek. Then brush upward along your cheekbone toward your temple. Use a sponge to blend until you get a nice, natural flush.

#4. Not using the right formula

Powder blush isn’t the only kind out there. There are three main formulas and each have their benefits depending on your needs:

  • Powder: Powder blushes typically come in a pressed compact, and they work on all skin types.
  • Cream: Cream blushes often come in a pot and they are great if you have naturally dry skin.
  • Stain: Cheek stains and tints can be a little trickier to apply (you have to blend quickly!) but they are long-lasting and very natural-looking.

Product Recommendations: L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush, Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush, YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush 

#5. Using the wrong tools

If you’re using a brush that is too big or too small, then obviously you’re not going to get the look you’re going for. A basic powder blush brush has long fluffy bristles and a dome shape. Also, don’t forget that sometimes your fingertips are your best tools — particularly if you’re using a cream blush.

#6. Picking an unflattering color

You might love the color coral, but that doesn’t mean it looks great on your cheeks. Fact: Certain shades of blush look better on different skin tones. This takes some experimenting to get it right. But here’s a general breakdown of which shades tend to flatter which skin tones:

  • Fair: Pale or baby pink look pretty on lighter skin tones.
  • Medium: Peaches and corals flatter medium skin.
  • Dark: Berry and deep rose shades look gorgeous on dark skin.


Hello Beauties!!

Have you applied too much blush before? Have you bought a beautiful color and come home and it just was not your match? Have you seen way too many women in the Mall with clown stripes on their face? I know I have. Above are some really great tips to remember.

~Tiffany ♥


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