The Perfect Primer

La Base Pro Hydra Glow


La Base Pro is no ordinary primer. While some have blurring and smoothing powers, this makeup extender has a special skillset all its own. With dewy, glowing skin stealing the spotlight and gracing the faces of every runway model and makeup tutorial, Hydra Glow basically does to your skin what eight, 8oz glasses of water does your, well, skin! It instantly hydrates and plumps your complexion with 14 skin-loving ingredients like soothing oils, rose essence, shea butter and Hyaluronic acid.  I am talking about a primer that has added skincare benefits! How awesome is that!

If you’re looking for a mattifying primer this is not for you. The  signature pink packaging is  the Hydra Glow line. It contains two types of pearl pigments that brighten skin and give off a rosy, healthy hue. Apply beneath your favorite foundation for all-day wear, or wear it alone. I wear it with Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation . To me is the best foundation right now for my skin. I just ordered the stick version to test it out and compare it to the liquid. I will review it soon. I just love this primer, think of it as a 1-second boost for a tired — or not-so-tired — complexion. I am so obsessed with this primer. Let me know if what primer is your favorite!

~Tiffany ♥


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