How-To: Splash Mask in the Shower


On the blog we’ve covered almost every type of mask available from rubber masks,hydrogel masks, to the tried and true sheet mask. One innovation that we have yet to discuss is the splash mask! Recently, splash masks have been blowing up on beauty destinations – Allure, Cambio, Into the Gloss, and the like have all raved about them, touting them as a quick and simple addition to your beauty routine.

What is a Splash Mask?

Splash masks are for all of those who don’t have time for the traditional 15-20 minute masking process. A concentrated liquid with lactic acid for smoothing and glycerin for hydrating, splash masks only need 15 seconds to provide the same benefits as a 20 minute sheet mask. Plus, they come in three different flavors for your specific skincare needs. The Rejuvenating Purple Berry is for elasticity and firmness. The

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