Every December, as another year winds down, we scramble to make resolutions for the New Year. We typically think about our future in terms of career and fitness goals, but this year, we’re taking a moment to look ahead at something equally important: beauty resolutions! Here’s what’s on my list for 2017:

Love Your Natural Hair

This year, we’re all about embracing natural beauty, which means we want to see more natural waves. Whatever your natural texture is—work it! Spend less time fighting with a blow dryer and let your hair air dry. Nourish your hair with a mask every now and then, and let your tresses frame your face gracefully.

Commit To A Skincare Regimen

This is the year that we’re going all in on a quality skincare routine. Makeup removal, cleansing and moisturizer every single night. Swear! If you haven’t discovered your skin’s favorite cleanser or cream yet, start with trying out different products. Once you find the ones you love, it will seem like second nature to do your skincare routine every night.

Master the Art of Falsies

Have you ever looked at someone’s lashes and thought, “I wonder if those are real?”. I want to be that girl this year. False eyelashes enhance the beauty of your eyes with false lashes that range from subtle to dramatic. While the options are plentiful, gluing on false lashes can be frustrating. This year, lets vow to be experts with the false lash.

Lockdown on Beauty

Budgeting is always an important part of annual goal setting. Dare I say try to spend a little  less this year on makeup? I recommend stocking up at the beginning or the end of the year so you don’t have to make such frequent trips to replace a lost lipstick or empty mascara. Buying beauty sets are the best to stock up. So pay attention to Department stores gift with purchase or purchase with purchase. And to sales at the drugstore. 



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