Instead of throwing out your banana peel after your morning smoothie saving your peels to rub on dry itchy heels. Much like the banana itself, the inside of the peel is rich in amino acids and a variety of vitamins (A, B, C, and E) all of which are commonly found in hydrating skincare products. I suggest rubbing the banana peel on dry heels every day for one week for baby-soft skin.


Coconut oil might be one of the easiest and most effective at-home remedies for dry skin. To reap the full benefits of this nourishing oilsoak in an Epsom salt bath for twenty minutes, as the magnesium sulfates in the salts will soften the skin and draw out toxins, providing the perfect canvas for coconut oil to deeply nourish skin. Upon exiting the bath apply coconut oil all over the body as the “fatty acids in the coconut oil help make up for dehydration” that we all experience in the winter months.


Seeing that glycerin is non-oily, doesn’t clog pores, and “is a natural humectant that helps bind water molecules in the air to the skin,” it is a great hydrating treatment for those with volatile skin issues. For added moisture, try mixing in rose water as it is a natural hydrator, plus the pretty smell doesn’t hurt. While you can feel free to experiment with your own mixture of glycerin and rose water (testing on your arm first, of course)

To make your own rosewater and glycerin toner: simply, mix 1 1/2 cups of rose water and 1/4th cup of glycerin. Pour in a spray bottle. Shake well before use. As a precaution, spray on your wrist before using it on your face. If you get any kind of irritation avoid using it.

As you know I do a lot of DIY’s. They work even better than products you buy that have added ingredients that are not good for the skin. Taking that banana peel and rubbinhg the inside of the peel around your face for 10 minutes is a great little facial too. Rinse with cool water avoid eye area. 



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