How To Create Your Own Meals

Learning how to create meals with the correct balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat is an important part of your success for building muscle and losing fat.  This quick outline will teach you how to include all of your favorite foods into your plan.  How to create balanced meals while dining out, travelling or on the go.  Also, how to always keep your meals fresh and exciting! (This is a great cheat sheet to have on hand)

Step 1:  Start with the PROTEIN

There are 2 groups of Protein; LEAN PROTEIN and NON-LEAN PROTEIN

LEAN PROTEIN low in Fat                                               NON-PROTEIN high in Fat

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Any lean protein can be exchanged for any lean protein. Like chicken breast can be exchanged for shrimp, egg whites or protein powder.  Any non-lean protein can be exchanged also. Like salmon exchanged for pork loin,lean beef steak, and orange roughy.

Because chicken breast is a LEAN PROTEIN(low in fat) it can not be exchanged for a higher FAT PROTEIN such as the salmon. They are not equal exchanges.

♦ If you choose a LEAN PROTEIN, please add a CARBOHYDRATE and a FAT to make it a complete meal

♦ If you choose a NON-LEAN PROTEIN, please add a CARBOHYDRATE ONLY to make a complete meal (your protein choice will already contain fat)


CARBOHYDRATES include fruits, vegetables, potatoes, grains and sugar (like from jam)

Image result                             Image result

Any carbohydrate can easily be exchanged for any other carbohydrate. For example, you can substitute a banana for potatoes or a slice of whole wheat toast. Please remember your choices in choosing natural, unprocessed carbohydrates will give you the best results.

Because CARBOHYDRATES have such a significant effect on your blood sugar go for the mostly natural unprocessed sources.

♦ If you want more than one carbohydrate in a meal, such as rice and vegetables, lower the amount of each to match your personal nutritional needs.

Step 3:  Add a FAT (only if having LEAN PROTEIN)

FATS include nuts, nut butters, oils, dressings, butter, ghee, mayonnaise, avocados, etc.

Image result for avocado

Any fat can be easily be exchanged for any other fat.  For example, you can substitute salad dressing for avocado. Though you can include any fat in your meal just remember that natural, unsaturated fats from non-animal sources are heart healthy and will lead you to the best results. (avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc)  Watch out for highly GMO’d oils like canola, corn, safflower, soybean and vegetable.

On my next post I will be giving you a cheat sheet on how to simplify your meals to make it easier to plan.

~Tiffany Gallehugh


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