Some of MY Favorite At-Home Facials

I can tell you I am a skincare addict. I do a facial every evening or morning. I do a chemical peel once a month. I use glycolic acid and retin a several times a week. I also do many different sheetmasks and LED light therapy. I also own a microdermabrasion machine. And it is on its last leg!

Sure, facials are an excellent way of sloughing off dead skin, destroying blackheads, and combating acne, but there’s something about paying a ton of money for a treatment you need at least every month that I’m just not about. This is why I do at home treatments. I can do it myself and so can you.

These are at-home facials are powerful, yet surprisingly gentle, formulas loaded with skin-fixing ingredients, like brightening and smoothing fruit acids, acne-fighting beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), and dark-spot and discoloration-fading alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Yes, it all sounds kind of intense, but I acids are nothing like, well, whatever comes to mind when you hear the word “acid.”

To fade dark spots and smooth bumps…

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, $80; at Drunk Elephant

Photo: Drunk Elephant

To smooth roughness and brighten skin…

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel, $40; at Ulta

Photo: First Aid Beauty
To get a dewy, super-hydrated glow…

Derma E Overnight Peel, $18.75; at Derma E 

Photo: Derma E

To brighten dullness and fight zits on super-sensitive skin…

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2 Percent BHA Liquid, $29; at Paula’s Choice

Photo: Paula’s Choice

Just layer one on your face at night for a few minutes (make sure to read the instructions—some work in as little as five minutes, while others can chill on your skin for 20 minutes), and let these straight-up miracle workers leave you with a softer, brighter, and clearer face by bedtime.

I also LOVE the benefits of sleeping masks. And that will be in a new post. So enjoy! And get brighter and clearer skin!
~Tiffany ♥





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